Impact of universities: in numbers

Our universities are a national asset. They give opportunities, grow the economy, solve global challenges, and equip graduates with skills for the future. 

We’ve set out the most compelling evidence behind the impact of universities. 


Key evidence

£130 billion

Higher education makes a £130 billion contribution to the UK economy

£15 billion

The spending of international students contributes £15 billion to the UK economy


Universities support more than 768,000 jobs


Graduates are around 3 times more likely to reach the top 20% of earnings (an annual income of at least £33,500 in 2018 prices) at age 30 than non-graduates

11 million

extra graduates will be needed to fill jobs in the UK by 2035


of new jobs by 2035 will be at graduate level


Between 2021-2026, universities will train 191,000 nurses, 84,000 medical specialists, and 188,000 teachers (463k public service workers)


Every £1 of public R&D spending stimulates between £1.96 and £2.34 of private spending