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SPHEIR’s demonstration call

24 May 2016
At the eLearning Africa conference in Cairo today, the SPHEIR project management team announced the opening of a call for demonstration partnerships.

Global trends shaping TNE

29 April 2016
Changes in global demographics, HE needs, access and mobility lead Janet Ilieva to predict TNE growth, but warn that delivery models must evolve.

The future of TNE "with Chinese characteristics"

21 April 2016
Professor Nigel Healey raises the issue of whether we may be moving into a new era of "transnational education with Chinese characteristics."

EU students vital to regional economies and jobs

8 April 2016
EU students at UK universities generate £3.7bn for the UK economy and support over 34,000 jobs in all corners of the country, according to analysis from Universities UK.

Digital research report front cover

Benefits and implications of EU and global collaboration by UK universities

1 March 2016
Digital Science and Universities UK International have released a report focusing on international academic collaboration and the implications of EU and global collaboration for universities, research assessment and the economy.

The UK's competitive advantage

29 February 2016
New reports show the exceptional quality of the UK's university experience as rated by international students.

Gone International: the value of mobility

18 February 2016
2016 report shows greater employment outcomes for mobile black and Asian students.

Show me where the world is going

2 February 2016
Vivienne Stern discusses the main themes at the International Higher Education Forum 2016 .

How to use marketing effectively When establishing an international campus

18 December 2015
Vicky Lewis walks us through the four key pre-campus launch stages when marketing expertise is needed.

TNE taxonomies

11 December 2015
How might HESA improve data on one of the most central elements of the UK’s TNE data collection: its categorisation of the ‘type’ of TNE being delivered.