Stepchange: mentally healthy universities

front cover of stepchange mentally healthy universities: an abstracted illustration of a student walking across campus

Stepchange: mentally healthy universities is a refreshed strategic framework for a whole university approach to mental health and wellbeing at universities. It calls on universities to see mental health as foundational to all aspects of university life, for all students and all staff.

UK universities should be places that promote mental health and wellbeing, enabling all students and all staff to thrive and succeed to  their best potential. We can achieve this by all universities making mental health a strategic priority and adopting a whole university approach. This publication is a call to action and a shared framework for change.

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What is a whole university approach? 

Good mental health enables learning, work and community. It is fundamental to the core mission of universities. The whole university approach recommends that all aspects of university life promote and support student and staff mental health. 

Find out more about what a whole university approach means on page 12 of Stepchange: mentally healthy universities

Self assessment tool 

UUK and the Child Outcomes Research Consortium (CORC) have developed a self assessment tool to encourage universities to plan and implement a whole university approach. Each section reflects the structure of the Stepchange: mentally healthy universities framework and includes sets of questions for university leaders and teams. 

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