​We regularly publish reports and briefings​ on a wide range of policy topics and issues affecting universities.

Tackling racial harassment in higher education

24 November 2020
A new set of recommendations designed to decisively tackle racial harassment as part of efforts to address racial inequality in UK higher education.

report cover for fair admissions review

Fair Admissions Review

13 November 2020
UUK’s Fair Admissions Review aims to build greater levels of transparency, increase trust, and improve public understanding in admissions practices.

Transnational routes to on-shore UK higher education

Report International
6 November 2020
This report aims to help the UK education sector better understand the progression of overseas students from programmes delivered overseas onto first degree programmes delivered in the UK.

Higher education and UK trade policy

4 November 2020
This report asks what treatment of UK higher education will be most appropriate and beneficial to the sector in the UK’s forthcoming discussions on free trade agreements (FTAs)

Preparing for the end of the transition period – a guide for universities

4 November 2020
UUK has published a briefing for universities on how to prepare for the end of the transition period in the event that there is no UK-EU agreement on a future relationship by that point.

The scale of UK higher education transnational education 2018-19

29 October 2020
The fourth edition of our annual 'Scale of UK higher education transnational education' report uses data from the Higher Education Statistics Agency to analyse the complex story of UK TNE delivery, including regional breakdowns.

Recovery, skills, knowledge and opportunity: A vision for universities

21 October 2020
Universities will be at the heart of not just a recovery, but new ways to invest in our people and local communities, our world-leading research and creating a more equal, healthier, and sustainable future for the next generation.

Future international partnerships: putting the UK at the heart of global research and innovation collaboration

20 October 2020
This paper proposes a wide-ranging set of policy recommendations to enable UK universities to grow and diversify their international research and innovation collaborations

Managing risks in Internationalisation: Security related issues

15 October 2020
Universities UK (UUK) has published detailed guidance for institutions on the considerations and measures they should take to guard against hostile interference and promote academic freedom.

Continuing the conversation: responding to domestic violence and technology mediated abuse in higher education communities during the Covid-19 pandemic

12 October 2020
A second briefing on responding to domestic violence and technology mediated abuse in the higher education sector during the Covid-19 pandemic.