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Submission to the MAC Consultation

16 January 2020
A briefing summarising UUK's submission to the MAC Consultation on the current salary threshold level of the skilled-worker route.

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Skills, jobs and opportunity: a vision for higher education

14 January 2020
Universities UK calls on the government to work with universities to support us in the key role we have to play in skills productivity, social justice and research, from local communities to the global stage.

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A student finance national education programme

11 December 2019
In partnership with the National Education Opportunities Network (NEON), Universities UK is calling for a Student finance national education programme.

The state of the relationship: mapping UK higher education engagement with Brazil

4 December 2019
This analysis aims to contribute to a better understanding of current levels of engagement between the UK and Brazilian higher education systems, and to inform future institutional strategies.

Widening opportunity in higher education - The third phase: beyond graduation

21 November 2019
This discussion paper, written by Professor Simon Gaskell and Professor Rebecca Lingwood, concerns the influence of socio-economic background on graduate success.

Briefing: Securing an effective post-Brexit settlement for UK universities

14 November 2019
This briefing sets out what the government must do to secure an effective post-Brexit settlement where universities can maximise their contribution to a globally-successful UK

USS 2018 valuation

7 November 2019
Briefing on background and context of the dispute and the efforts made by affected universities to resolve it.

Oversight of security-sensitive research material in UK universities: guidance

6 November 2019
This guidance concerns the storage and circulation of security sensitive research material, and offers recommendations for protecting researchers from inappropriate investigation by police authorities.

The scale of UK higher education transnational education 2017-18

6 November 2019
Now in its third edition, this report uses HESA data to inform analysis on UK higher education transnational education.

Guidance on transnational education regulation in the EU post-Brexit

31 October 2019
Universities UK International has worked with Farrer & Co to produce guidance on transnational education regulation in the EU