Funding and opportunities

Information on the government-sponsored funds we support, our Student Support Service and the international delegations we coordinate.

Gateway to international opportunities

A regularly updated​ depository of international research collaboration opportunities aimed at UK based researchers.

Newton Fund

We support delivery of the Newton Fund, helping the higher education sector to access funding for international research collaboration and applicants to connect with host institutions in the UK.

Strategic Partnerships for Higher Education Innovation and Reform

SPHEIR is a £45 million government fund to support higher education transformation in countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

UK India Education & Research Initiative (UKIERI)

Information about the funding opportunities available through the UK India Education & Research Initiative.
woman standing with her arms reached up in the air looking at the Canadian mountains

Globalink Research Internships, Canada

Globalink is a competitive Canadian internship programme for undergraduate students in the UK

International delegations

We coordinate international delegations of university staff and officials to and from the UK , creating opportunities for UK universities to establish new relationships and joint projects with the rest of the world.

Rutherford Fund Strategic Partner Grants

This scheme provides funding for UK institutions to offer short-term fellowships that will build on and enhance their global strategic partnerships.