Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic student attainment at UK universities: #closingthegap

What is this report about?

The excellence and reputation of the UK higher education sector are recognised around the world. However, an attainment gap between students of different ethnicities exists at the vast majority of universities, and evidence suggests that these cannot be explained by a students’ background or prior qualifications. 

This report first explains what the attainment gap looks like in UK universities, followed by a summary of feedback from students and staff to two online calls for evidence. Information gathered through these surveys helped identify five steps to success. These are:

  • strong leadership
  • conversations about race and culture
  • racially diverse, inclusive environments
  • evidence and analysis
  • what works

Subsequent chapters focus on each of these steps and the barriers that are preventing the sector from successfully closing the gap. They include recommendations for tackling the barriers to success.

What are universities doing about it?

Universities can collectively work together to address the Black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) attainment gaps by sharing evidence and best practice of what works and what doesn’t. As a first step, UUK has created this collection of case studies of what universities are already doing to close the gap on attainment differentials, and improve the experiences of BAME students at university.

Where can I learn more?

Together with SOAS, University of London, Universities UK is hosting a one-day event dedicated to confronting the BAME attainment gap. Chaired by Baroness Valerie Amos, the event will cover the five steps identified in the report in detail, and is designed to help all those committed to confronting this issue to do so, regardless of past experience or their job title. For further information, and to book your place, visit: