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Research and publications

Reports and information notes from UUK International.

Higher education and displaced people: a guide for UK universities

14 March 2018
This report sets out the steps universities are taking to support the needs of displaced learners. It also suggests ways in which they can further enhance their impact working with and for displaced communities.

The Scale of UK Higher Education Transnational Education 2015-16

1 February 2018
The Scale of UK higher education transnational education 2015-16 report includes a detailed analysis of regional trends according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency’s Aggregate Offshore Record (HESA AOR) data.

Briefing note on continued higher education and research collaboration through European Union programmes

24 January 2018
This briefing note provides some information on the phase one agreement of the Brexit negotiations and how this impacts the UK's involvement in programmes like Erasmus+ and Horizon 2020. It also looks at citizen rights and financial guarantees.

Erasmus+ budget uplift

11 January 2018
This information note provides further information on the Erasmus+ budget uplift for the 2018 Call for Proposals and the opportunities this affords to UK institutions.

State of the relationship: UK higher education engagement with the GCC

14 December 2017
This report maps the wide range of UK-GCC connections in higher education, with particular focus on international student enrolments; transnational education; and research collaboration.

Widening Participation in UK Outward Student Mobility

12 December 2017
This report looks at the extent to which disadvantaged students spend time abroad as part of their undergraduate degree.

India higher education policy update: August - November 2017

21 November 2017
This note provides information on policy developments in Indian higher education including the plan to create 20 ‘World Class’ universities and a new regulatory body. It looks at how Indian institutions perform in the Times Higher Education world rankings

India, Three Year Action Agenda 2017-18 to 2019-20

17 November 2017
This information note provides an overview of the India, Three Year Action Agenda 2017-18 to 2019-20 and what it means for UK universities.

Studying in the UK - Frequently Asked Questions

18 October 2017
What does Brexit mean for EU students wanting to attend university here? This short document covers frequently asked queries on qualification recognition and Erasmus+

Visit Report: UUKi Delegation to Colombia

15 September 2017
This report details the UUKi delegation to Colombia including notes of key meetings. UUKi is working to establish a long-term engagement strategy to catalyse opportunities between UK and Colombian HE sectors.