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Universities UK submission to the 2013 Spending Round

16 May 2013
Universities UK’s submission to the government’s 2013 Spending Round sets out why and how universities are critical to maintaining the UK’s economic competitiveness.

UK Higher Education Scoping Visit to Myanmar

15 May 2013
The February 2013 scoping mission to Myanmar was led by the UK HE International Unit and Training Gateway. This was the first UK sector-wide mission in higher education since the return to civilian government.

Massive open online courses report cover

Massive open online courses: higher education's digital moment?

3 May 2013
Massive open online courses (MOOCs) offer millions of people to study courses by distinguished scholars and connect with learners around the globe.

international higher education in facts and figures 2012-13

International higher education in facts and figures winter 2012-13

19 December 2012
Drawing from various data sources, the new IU fact and figures report looks at the latest trends in students and spending.

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Universities enabling social enterprise: delivering benefits for all

15 November 2012
Highlights some of the good work happening in universities to support social enterprise activity.

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Parliamentary briefing: Impact of current immigration policy on the attractiveness of United Kingdom universities to overseas students (Lord Giddens)

30 October 2012
This briefing covers the topic of an Oral Question asked by Lord Giddens on the impact of immigration policy on the UK's ability to continue to attract overseas students to study at its universities.

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Oversight of security-sensitive research material in UK universities

26 October 2012
Security-sensitive material is sometimes open to misinterpretation by the authorities, and can put authors in danger of arrest and prosecution under counter-terrorism legislation.

Breaking down the barriers report cover

Introducing Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

3 October 2012
This report seeks official endorsement from Universities UK and GuildHE for the Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) to be adopted sector-wide for students entering higher education in academic year 2012–13.

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The concordat to support research integrity

11 July 2012
All those engaged with research have a duty to consider how the work they undertake, host or support impacts on the research community and on wider society.

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A picture of health and education

5 July 2012
This report explores the vital connections between higher education and healthcare.