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Student experience

The UK’s universities want to provide students with a world-class education so that they can achieve their full potential.

Inclusion, equality and diversity

We support and promote life-changing opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds at every university.

Innovation, growth and skills

Universities are vital in supporting business and communities, promoting local and national economic growth and innovation and, supplying highly skilled and employable graduates.


We want to see an immigration system that helps universities to attract genuine international students and highly skilled staff to study and work in the UK.


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A tuition fee hike, or a link to inflation?

21 July 2016
There have been concerns expressed in the media around universities in England increasing their tuition fees. Julie Tam's blog highlights that this is an inflationary adjustment, needed to allow universities to deliver a high-quality experience.

Where do universities get their funding from?

20 July 2016
Universities UK is today publishing University funding explained. The publication seeks to highlight this diversity of university income and explains how universities manage this funding to support their core activities. Julie Tam looks at the figures.


Universities UK welcomes healthcare education funding plans

25 July 2016
Universities UK has welcomed the Government’s plans for changing healthcare education funding in England.

European university leaders call for continued collaboration after Brexit vote

22 July 2016
University leaders from 24 European countries, including Germany and France, have signed a joint statement to stress the importance of continued European university collaboration following the UK's vote to leave the EU.