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Suitability and sustainability: pensions in the higher education sector

3 August 2017

Pension provision in the higher education sector has experienced significant change over the past decade. Schemes have seen increases to employer and member contributions and changes to the form and structure of pension scheme benefits. To date these developments have largely been driven by financial pressures and changes in government policy.

Recognising the divergence in higher education pension provision as well as wider changes in the sector, the Employers Pensions Forum (EPF) instructed Universities UK and the Universities and Colleges Employers Association (UCEA) to consider a long-term higher education sector position on pension provision. This document summarises the evidence considered and puts forward a set of principles, designed to underpin decisions on pension provision, and practical recommendations.

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17 November 2017
Higher education employers are proposing changes to the USS pension scheme to address the scheme's deficit and the significant rise in the cost of future pensions.

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29 December 2015
We are pleased that the Joint Negotiating Committee (JNC) has put forward a reform proposal to the USS Trustee Board to address the scheme’s substantial deficit.


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3 October 2017
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2 August 2017
Following the news coverage on the USS pensions fund deficit, Professor Koen Lamberts discusses the challenges facing the scheme.