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Support study abroad

If there is a no-deal Brexit, Universities UK urges the UK government to commit to continue funding study abroad opportunities for UK students, even if the UK cannot negotiate continued participation in Erasmus+ programme. 

Why is this important? 

  1. Study abroad supports social mobility. Students who study abroad outperform their peers academically and professionally. They are:
    • 19% more likely to gain a first class degree 
    • 20% less likely to be unemployed 
    • 10% more likely to be in ‘graduate’ jobs six months after graduation 

    For those from underrepresented and disadvantaged groups the benefits are even more pronounced: 
    • BME students who studied abroad are 17% more likely to be in ‘graduate’ jobs six months after graduation
    • mature students who participated in these programmes earn 10% more than their peers 

  2. An investment in an international experience for our students now is an investment in the future of our economy. Without the international opportunities offered through schemes like Erasmus, the UK’s workforce will not be equipped to meet the changing needs of our economy post-Brexit. 

    Research by the CBI has found that: 
    • seven out of ten small- and medium-sized enterprises believe that future executives will need foreign language skills and international experience
    • 39% of employers are dissatisfied with graduates’ intercultural awareness
    • 49% of employers are dissatisfied with graduates’ language skills

  3. Without this funding, 17,000 UK students will miss out on opportunities to study abroad next year. The government has committed to avoiding this in the withdrawal agreement – why not in the case of no deal?

  4. With exit from the EU pending, the government has ambitious plans for a global Britain – committing to study abroad funding should be central to achieving this vision.

About UUK’s work on study abroad

In 2017, Universities UK International launched the Go International: Stand Out campaign to double the percentage of UK students who study, work, or volunteer abroad as part of their degree.

So far, 90 universities have joined the campaign and pledged ambitious actions to help us reach this target.

The higher education sector recognises the significant value that study abroad opportunities hold for our students and our country. We need the government to recognise the same.

Find out more about the Go International: Stand Out campaign.


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