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The Open Research Data Task Force

​ As part of Professor Adam Tickell’s advice on open access to research to minister Jo Johnson, a recommendation was made that a ‘roadmap’ for national open research data infrastructure be produced with a set of recommendations. In order to lead and coordinate this work the minister established a Taskforce. 

Open research data is the next key phase in the UK’s open science ambitions – by science we mean a formal approach to knowledge that is rationally explicable and practically applicable. The UK is a world leader in research data, following policies from UK research funders and engagement in support of research data management within UK universities, as well as long established specialised data centres. The academic community has played an important role in developing the research data landscape, particularly with the development of the Open Research Data Concordat, which for the first time has united the sector around key principles.

About the Task Force

Professor Pam Thomas (PVC Research at the University of Warwick) chairs the Task Force.
Secretariat support is provided by Dr Caroline Ingran, Jisc. 

Members include:

  • Professor Geoffrey Boulton (University of Edinburgh, CODATA)
  • Professor Bill Spence (Queen Mary University of London)
  • Professor David De Roure (Oxford University) 
  • Professor Andrew Prescott (University of Glasgow)
  • Chris Awre (University of Hull)
  • ​Professor Nick Wright (Newcastle University) 
  • Professor John Helliwell (University of Manchester
  • Stuart Taylor,  Royal Society
  • Professor Carole Goble, University of Manchester​

and representatives from Research England, The Wellcome Trust, Universities UK, BEIS and Jisc. 

  • Claire Fraser (Research England)
  • David Carr (The Wellcome Trust)
  • Max Hastings (Universities UK)
  • Wayne Williams (UKRI)
  • BEIS (Observer)
  • Rachael Bruce (Jisc)

The Task Force will consult more widely or co-opt expertise as required.​


Research data infrastructures in the UK - June 2017

This is the first report of the Open Research Data Task Force. The report provides a thorough overview of the infrastructure that supports open research data in the UK and abroad. It details the policies that have been implemented by research funders and universities themselves; the technological platforms and tools developed at local, national and international levels; and the cultural challenges that are still present across different disciplinary research groups. The report has been reviewed and discussed by members of the Open Research Data Taskforce who represent HEFCE, RCUK, Wellcome Trust, UUK, Jisc, BEIS, academics from a number of disciplines and champions of open research data.

 Download: PDF, Microsoft Word



A second report due in 2018 will make clear and detailed recommendations to Ministers and is likely to cover:

  • Key national initiatives that show promise
  • Areas for further support
  • Stakeholder engagement opportunities and risks
  • Infrastructural issues and investment opportunities and challenges
  • ​Technical barriers and costs or benefits arising from overcoming them.

For further information, please contact ORDTF@jisc.ac.uk ​

 The team

Gedminte Mikulenaite

Gedminte Mikulenaite

Policy Researcher
Universities UK

Samuel Roseveare

Samuel Roseveare

Policy Manager
Universities UK