Tobacco Industry Funding to Universities: A Joint Protocol of Cancer Research and Universities UK

1 February 2004
In pursuit of its mission to conquer cancer through world-class research, Cancer Research UK wishes to promote the highest standards in scientific and medical research, and to address major issues in relation to public health. As tobacco causes immense danger to health and life, Cancer Research UK wishes to do everything it can to avoid either direct or indirect links with the tobacco industry, and to oppose tobacco promotion and use in all its forms. 

British universities are charitable bodies dedicated to teaching and research for the public good and are committed to the academic freedom of their teaching and research staff, many of whom are involved in health and medicine. UK universities would not wish to engage in activities that compromise the independence or integrity of their work or which lent support to an industry whose products caused serious damage to health.
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Government must urgently reconsider research budget cuts

16 March 2021
Universities UK has written to the government seeking urgent clarity on the future of funding for UK science and research, after reports emerge that the government is preparing to significantly cut the budget for research.

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Cuts to ODA will limit UK universities’ role in solving global challenges

12 March 2021
Planned government cuts to Official Development Assistance funding (ODA) will fall heavily on UK universities, severely limiting their ability to combat pressing global challenges.

Brexit will impact the UK’s world-leading research – but only if we let it

14 October 2019
With the 31 October Brexit deadline looming, the threats it poses to the UK’s research capacity can still be resolved, writes Professor Hilary Pilkington.

LEAF – A new standard in Sustainable Science

18 September 2019
LEAF – a new independent standard which is enabling science laboratories to improve their sustainability and efficiency.