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Supporting STEM in schools and colleges in England: The role of research

21 December 2011

Supporting STEM front coverThis report, researched and written by the Institute of Education, University of London, demonstrates the role of social science research - and specifically education research - in sustaining and developing the STEM skills base in England.

It presents case studies of research undertaken within education departments, schools and faculties in English higher education institutions, and offers a number of recommendations for future progress.


Updated concordat must be followed if research is to be trusted

25 October 2019
Universities UK has reaffirmed its pledge to the revised concordat to support research integrity to assure government, business, international partners and the public that they can continue to have confidence in UK research and its leading researchers

Response to UK government position on Brexit and EU research & innovation collaboration

6 September 2017
Universities UK responded today to the UK government’s position on continued collaboration in research and innovation with the EU as part of the Brexit process.


Brexit will impact the UK’s world-leading research – but only if we let it

14 October 2019
With the 31 October Brexit deadline looming, the threats it poses to the UK’s research capacity can still be resolved, writes Professor Hilary Pilkington.

LEAF – A new standard in Sustainable Science

18 September 2019
LEAF – a new independent standard which is enabling science laboratories to improve their sustainability and efficiency.