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Universities UK submission to the 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review

Comprehensive Spending Review 2015 report cover

Universities UK's submission to the 2015 Comprehensive Spending Review sets out how universities both underpin the strengths of the UK economy and play a critical part in tackling its weaknesses, such as lagging productivity, low private investment in research and development and skills shortages. 

It shows how strategic government investment supports universities in key areas of their activities, and identifies the commitments that the government must make for universities to continue to make the same vital contribution to the economy.

The submission draws on UK-wide evidence on the role of universities in the economy and identifies a number of common issues for each of the constituent nations of the UK. Our proposals focus on the spending decisions made by the Westminster government. Although some responsibilities are devolved, decisions made affect all UK universities.​​​


The team

Karmjit Kaur

Karmjit Kaur

Head of Political Affairs
Universities UK

Alex Leonhardt

Alex Leonhardt

Former Senior Political Affairs Officer
Universities UK


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