A student finance national education programme

11 December 2019

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In partnership with the National Education Opportunities Network (NEON), Universities UK is calling for a student finance national education programme to ensure prospective and current students are provided with the financial information they need to make informed choices when considering higher education.

Research by UUK and NEON has found that only half of prospective students feel they are provided with enough information on the full, long-term costs and benefits of attending university. Clearer and better targeted financial advice is needed for prospective students to be able to make informed decisions. 

Based on findings of the UUK and NEON student finance information advisory group, we are setting out the following recommendations for how the provision of student finance information can be improved:

  1. the government and information providers should work together to develop an industry standard of core messages to make information more coherent

  2. teachers, schools, parents and carers must be supported in providing financial advice to students

  3. a 'student lifecycle' approach is needed to ensure information is available from the moment an individual considers applying, throughout their study and after they graduate

  4. a holistic approach should be taken to reflect the increasingly diverse needs and circumstances of prospective and current students

  5. the government and information providers must work together in developing a collaborative strategy to ensure all potential students have a level of knowledge that enables them to make the right choices

Download the statement: A student finance national education programme 

Download the full report: Improving the provision of information on student finance



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