cover of 'no-del exit briefing'

No-deal briefing

30 July 2019
This briefing sets out the consequences of exiting the EU without a deal and the stabilising policies required for the higher education sector.

International facts and figures 2019

30 July 2019
International Facts and Figures 2019 presents a snapshot of the international dimensions of UK higher education.

front cover of the student visa: principles to reform report

The student visa system: principles to reform

18 July 2019
Universities UK has worked with five other Higher Education representative groups to have identified five principles that should underpin the design of the new student visa route and actions that must be taken to achieve this reform.

International graduate outcomes 2019

16 July 2019
International Graduate Outcomes 2019 (i-GO), conducted by iGraduate, is the first study which specifically explores the career outcomes of a large sample of international graduates who studied in the UK.

The future of degree apprenticeships

15 July 2019
A report by UUK setting out recommendations to reform the degree apprenticeship system.

Impact of the Augar review: an independent assessment

14 June 2019
This briefing provides an independent assessment, by London Economics, of the impact of proposals in the Augar review on the Exchequer, Students, Graduates and Higher Education Institutions.

Gone International: rising aspirations

Gone International: rising aspirations

International Report
13 June 2019
The latest in UUKi’s annual series of outward student mobility cohort studies comparing the academic and employment outcomes of undergraduate students who spent time studying, working or volunteering abroad as part of their degree.

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Supporting universities to deliver skills, growth and improve lives

10 June 2019
Universities UK is highlighting five areas that the next Conservative party leader and prime minister should back to support UK universities. The new prime minister must support the continuing growth and opportunity of institutions in the UK.

Collaborating with Mexico: policy, context, opportunities

7 June 2019
This note follows a UUKi-led delegation to Mexico. It provides an overview of recent developments, opportunities and challenges for UK-Mexico higher education collaboration.

Review of post-18 education and funding

24 May 2019
This briefing outlines the six tests which Universities UK thinks the recommendations of the upcoming review of post-18 education and funding need to pass if it we are to maintain quality, access and choice in post-18 education.