​We regularly publish reports and briefings​ on a wide range of policy topics and issues affecting universities.

Internationalisation at home - developing global citizens without travel

16 June 2021
This report looks at international activities delivered at home, showcasing impactful programmes, benefits and good practice.

Two years on: ongoing impact of the 2018/19 Rutherford Fund Strategic Partnership Grants

16 June 2021
This report presents survey findings and builds on evidence collected at the end of Rutherford Fund Strategic Partnership Grants fellowships to demonstrate the programme’s ongoing impact.

Widening Participation in UK Outward Student Mobility

12 May 2021
This report looks at the extent to which disadvantaged students spend time abroad.

Covid-safe behvaiours front cover

COVID-safe behaviours and returning to campus

20 April 2021
This guidance aims to support and inform COVID-safe preparations as further students return to campus this academic year and ahead of 2021/22.

Degree classification in 2019-20

14 April 2021
Data released in January 2021 showed that across the UK, there had been an increase of upper awards in 2019–20. This briefing examines the various factors that may have contributed to this.

Supporting international student financial hardship - guidance for universities

25 March 2021
This guidance consists of points to consider when dealing with international student hardship and examples of best practice already being undertaken within higher education institutions.

USS 2020 valuation

8 March 2021
UUK briefing providing the background, context and the next steps of the 2020 USS valuation.

silhouette of a man waiting at an airport as the sun sets

Post-Brexit immigration rules in Europe

International Report
5 February 2021
This information has been commissioned with the goal to help universities’ international offices in their work of sending students abroad, as well as researchers who have to visit these countries for their research.