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Parliamentary briefing: Higher Education and Research Bill – House of Lords Second Reading

HERB – Lords second readingThis briefing for the Second Reading in the House of Lords of the Higher Education and Research Bill highlights seven areas where Universities UK believes amendments are required​. 

These are:

  1. Ensuring the powers of the Office for Students and the Secretary of State are compatible with the principle of institutional autonomy
  2. Separating ‘quality’ and ‘standards’ in the bill, and ensuring that academic standards continue to be owned by the sector
  3. Protecting students, employers and the reputation of the sector by ensuring a suitably high bar for new entrants
  4. ​​​Strengthening checks and balances for giving and revoking Degree Awarding Powers and University Title
  5. Removing the ability for the OfS to validate degrees and clarifying its role as regulator
  6. Ensuring the duties of the OfS reflect the diverse range of activities carried out by universities
  7. Ensuring that changes to the research landscape are made with full consultation with the research community and the link between teaching and research is fully reflected in the face of the bill​​


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