Concordat for the advancement of Knowledge Exchange in Higher Education in England

Consultations and responses England
3 May 2019

cover of Knowledge Excahnge Concoradt
A joint Universities UK/Research England working group has developed a Knowledge Exchange (KE) Concordat for universities in England.

The Concordat proposes eight high-level principles underlying KE activities, and sets out the aims and enablers to help universities make informed decisions and develop their own informed strategies around KE. The document also contains the implementation plan following the consultation period and a list of the working group members.

The Concordat aims to:

  • help universities and their staff and students enhance clarity of mission
  • support their development
  • give partners an accurate representation of the approaches and strengths of individual universities
  • provide clear indicators of their approaches to developing and improving performance
  • give governing bodies and government broad confidence in the activity that is taking place in universities

The draft Concordat is open for consultation jointly with GuildHE for the higher education sector until 1st July 2019.

This work has been carried out by the working group in concert with the launch of the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) pilot and metrics consultation. Together, the outputs will equip universities to effectively demonstrate their diverse strengths and successes in working with business and community partners to generate real economic and societal impact. 

The Concordat is currently applicable to institutions in England only, but responses from the higher education sector in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland are welcomed.

This consultation is now closed. We have published a report on the findings from this consultation process.  


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