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International Higher Education in Facts and Figures 2013

25 September 2013

This report analyses new data on international higher education, from a variety of sources.

Its key findings are that the UK Higher Education sector is:

• The second most popular in the world for international students – 13% of all international students – and educates hundreds of thousands of students in their home countries.

• A destination of choice for students across a wide range of subjects – in each of Business, Engineering & technology, Computer science and Law more than 20% of the students are international.

• International in its makeup – 24% of all academic HE staff and 16.8% of students in the UK are international.

• Second in the world for research quality and highly efficient - producing more articles and citations per pound of university research funding than other leading nations.

• Second in the world for university-business collaboration.

• More successful at earning EU research funding through FP7 than any other higher education sector in Europe.

• Increasing research collaboration – 46% of articles have an international co-author.

• Successful in a growing global landscape - worldwide students enrolled outside their country of citizenship have more than doubled since 2000.

• The second most popular destination in the world for PhD students.

The UK HE sector achieves all this with a smaller proportion of GDP invested in higher education and research than the OECD average.


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