Taskforce to examine violence against women, harassment and hate crime affecting university students: progress report no. 2

Report of the second meeting of the taskforce to examine violence against women, harassment and hate crime affecting university students, on 16 March 2016. 

The taskforce was established by Universities UK in November 2015 to examine violence against women, harassment and hate crime affecting students. There will be a particular focus on the issue of violence against women and sexual harassment. 

The following key themes emerged from the meeting: 

  • Adopting a consistent and coordinated cross-institutional approach to prevent and respond to incidents 

  • Obtaining commitment from senior leaders and middle management 

  • Implementing a zero-tolerance culture which sets clear behavioural expectations 

  • Ensuring that expected behaviours are backed up by disciplinary procedures and that students are aware of these 

  • Supporting students to be agents of change via evidence-based bystander initiatives  

  • Identifying relevant support services and ensuring students are aware of these – this was a key area where sharing of good practice would be welcomed

  • Implementing formal reporting and monitoring systems in a systematic way 

  • Developing effective models of recording incidents, data collection and processes for regular review 

  • Identifying and implementing effective training for staff 

  • Building effective external relationships eg with the local police force/ designated higher education liaison officer, specialist support and community groups 

  • Developing a facility /forum to facilitate the sharing of good practice across the sector 

  • Drawing on good practice both within the UK and internationally ​

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