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Employers Pensions Forum: Self-Administered Trusts Strategy Project Report

19 September 2013

Employers Pensions Forum report cover
This is a report into the current status of Self-Administered Trusts (SATs) prepared on behalf of the Employers Pension Forum (EPF). A SAT is an independently administered pension scheme for support staff primarily in use at pre-92 Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). Currently there are 36 HEIs that offer a SAT scheme to support staff employed at their institution. 

This report on Self-Administered Trusts (SATs) builds upon previous work undertaken for the EPF, in particular the following two studies: 

a. Pension provision in the higher education (HE) sector undertaken by the actuary Peter Thompson and published in 2008; and 

b. Self-Administered Trusts: some options for institutions prepared by Dr Tony Bruce in 2010 from an original report by KPMG. 

Principal objectives of this current SATs project: 

  • To set out the current status of SATs pension provision and outline potential ways for Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to manage the risks associated with their SAT and achieve greater financial stability, for example, through use of shared services, greater governance collaboration with other SATs or consideration of a merger. 
  • To analyse and summarise the methodologies and results of any individual reviews by HEIs into the operation and management of their SAT. 
  • To provide relevant case studies, disseminating good practice and achieving cost reduction within the sector over the short, medium and long term, plus achieving some convergence of provision, if possible.

The team


Dates confirmed for joint talks on future of USS pension scheme

8 January 2020
Five dates in January have been confirmed for senior stakeholders to meet and discuss reform to the USS pension scheme.