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The economic impact of UK higher education institutions (2007)

Report page This is the third UK-wide study of the impact of the higher education sector on the national economy published by Universities UK. 

It updates earlier studies published in 1997 and 2002. Since the first report appeared the economic importance of higher education has been much more generally recognised and its contribution to national and regional economic development is attracting the attention of policy-makers. 

In the UK higher education is seen as being of key importance in the creation and transfer of knowledge to the economy through its teaching, research and other activities. 

University entrants remain highly qualified

4 June 2018
An analysis published by Universities UK shows that the growth in student numbers has not led to university entrants having lower qualifications.

UUK and CBI to look at decline in part-time students and future skills needs

6 February 2018
Universities UK is going to work with the CBI to look at whether higher education can introduce more flexible ways of learning to meet the changing needs of students and employers.