Joy studies law at the University of Kent, and has been actively involved in the DecoloniseUKC project at the university.

As well as sitting on the project's committee, Joy has held focus groups with students and also co-hosts the project’s podcast, ‘Stripping the White Walls’. 

The aim of the podcast is to discuss issues surrounding race at the University of Kent, including the Black, Asian and Minority Ethic attainment gap, and a number of the university’s academic staff have featured as interviewees.

For Joy, it is extremely important that the student voice is amplified in discussions about race and ethnicity at the university; in her words, without students, the university itself wouldn’t exist.

Her work with the project, as well as the modules she has studied on race, religion and law, have helped Joy to communicate more effectively what it feels like to be a Black female student at the University of Kent.