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Universities UK response to UK-EU trade negotiations proposals

​Today (Thursday 27 February), UK Government has set out its position for UK-EU negotiations over future trade agreements, with student mobility and research programmes an important part of the discussions.

Talks with the EU begin on Monday, and Vivienne Stern, Director at Universities UK International, said: "We are delighted that the UK Government has made it clear that they are seeking full participation to Horizon Europe as part of negotiations. We are cautiously pleased to see the reference to participation in the Erasmus+ programme.

"We regard it as essential that the UK continues to be part of the Horizon Europe Programme – it is the Champions League for research and allows us to work not only with EU partners, but also a range of non-EU countries. Staying part of this programme is in the mutual interest of the UK and EU, and is necessary if the UK is to retain its position as a research superpower.

"We are pleased that Erasmus+ is mentioned, but would like a stronger commitment to the programme as negotiations unfold. We believe all parts of the programme benefit the UK and are strongly aligned with the Government's ambitions for a Global Britain. The benefits of Erasmus+ are broad and clear, creating opportunities for thousands of students from schools, colleges, and universities, as well as helping develop skills demanded by employers and boosting UK businesses and the economy to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds every year." 

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