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A ‘no deal’ Brexit: implications for universities and minimising risk

29 November 2018

​At a Universities UK (UUK) conference to be held today, Thursday 29 November, delegates will consider how universities can address the implications of Brexit.

In his keynote speech, Chief Executive of Universities UK, Alistair Jarvis, will set out what universities require from government post-Brexit to deliver maximum benefit to British people, local communities and the economy, regardless of whether there is a deal or not.

Alistair Jarvis said: “It is critical to the national interest, to the economy and wider society, that the UK’s universities thrive post-Brexit – to do so, our government must show the required ambition and provide the right support to ensure that they are at the heart of a successful post-Brexit UK.”

To achieve this desired impact the government must focus on the following policy priorities:

  1. Ensuring the promises made on confirmation of settled status for EU nationals working at our universities are met through a smooth, simple and timely process

  2. Developing an ambitious international education strategy to grow international student numbers

  3. Implementing an immigration system that recognises the value of international students and staff and enables them to enter the UK with minimal barriers and bureaucracy

  4. Supporting the expansion of outward student mobility by securing the UK's involvement in the next Erasmus+ programme from 2021

  5. Supporting the growth of international research collaboration by securing access to, and influence over, the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme (the successor to Horizon 2020)

The speech will also draw attention to the significant and damaging implications of a ‘no deal’ Brexit for universities.

Alistair Jarvis said: “A ‘no deal’ Brexit would have huge implications for universities in all corners of the UK, and prove enormously damaging for regional jobs, growth and skills. EU staff and students at British universities, and UK staff and students at European universities, would be left facing huge uncertainty.”

The event coincides with the publication of UUK’s official ‘no deal’ advice which outlines the risks to universities of the UK leaving the European Union (EU) without a deal.


  1. The conference ‘UK universities: preparing for Brexit’ will take place on Thursday 29 November at Woburn House Conference Centre, 20 Tavistock Square, London.

  2. UUK’s official advice to government on the risks to universities if the UK leaves the European Union (EU) without a deal can be found here.

  3. Universities UK is the collective voice of 137 universities in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Its mission is to create the conditions for UK universities to be the best in the world; maximising their positive impact locally, nationally and globally. Universities UK acts on behalf of universities, represented by their heads of institution. Visit: www.universitiesuk.ac.uk

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Jo Hindle

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Clara Plackett

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