University research changes the world

​Research in UK universities has transformed the world, underpins social and economic progress, and improves people’s lives every day. Their work has built an unrivalled reputation around the world for excellence and innovation.​


Medical breakthroughs from UK universities save lives

UK academic research also provides excellent value for money: with just 4% of the world’s researchers, the UK produces 16% of the world's most highly-cited articles.

As well as the high-profile success stories that have come out of UK universities – from developing IVF and unlocking the secrets of DNA, to the design of motorway signage – university research has been shown to have a wide range of social and cultural benefits.


University research creates the evidence base on which policy areas like health, education and the environment rely, and it drives debate and progress on social, cultural and political issues.

Through their world-class research, universities look to tackle the challenges that exist in their own areas and local communities, and are increasingly looking to engage the public in their research.