Universities equip people with the skills to succeed

​​​Surveys show that university courses offer the best outcomes for both graduates and employers, training students in the higher-level skills that are increasingly needed in the workplace.


Graduates are well-prepared for work  

High graduate employment levels, student satisfaction surveys that regularly top 85%, and similar levels of satisfaction from employers​ all point to the fact that university courses continue to produce great outcomes for both employers and graduates.


Educating students has always been at the heart of every university’s mission. They invest and innovate to ensure their courses equip people with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the modern workplace. This includes the help and training they offer to students specifically to improve their future employment prospects.

Employers increasingly need recruits with higher level skills: by 2022 there ​will be 2 million additional jobs in occupations requiring higher level skills​ and universities are well placed to meet this demand.