Our videos about the impact of universities


This animation, narrated by broadcaster Gabby Logan, showcases the many ways in which universities provide the 'building blocks' for a succes​​sful society: contributing to the UK economy, society, and people’s everyday lives.

Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen, discusses some of the ways in which his university and its students get involved in the local area, from fundraising for local charities to voluntary sports coaching in schools.

Kent Law Clinic at the University of Kent is a partnership between students, academics, and local solicitors and barristers. It provides legal advice for local people who can't afford to pay for it, and gives Kent’s law students valuable direct experience of legal practice.

The Extended Medical Degree Programme at King's College London started in 2001, and gives pupils from non-selective state schools the opportunity to study medicine on A-level grades which may have not traditionally have enabled them to do so.

Professor Sir Ian Diamond, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen, tells young people why they should go to university. He highlights the intellectual and employment skills that higher education brings, and the opportunities to grow as a person.

Mike Hill, Chief Executive of the Higher Education Careers Services Unit and Prospects, speaks about the importance of university graduates choosing to live and work in the area where they studied.

Professor Julie Lydon, Vice-Chancellor of the University of South Wales, explains how her university is part of the cultural fabric of the region. Universities put on events and provide venues and facilities that often cannot be found elsewhere in the area.

Professor Robert Allison, Vice-Chancellor and President of Loughborough University, discusses the impact of the university on the local economy, as the biggest employer in the East Midlands, and on local people through its partnerships in the area. 

Professor Sir Pete Downes, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Dundee, on reaching out to the least advantaged people in the local area so they have the chance to benefit from going to university.

Bill Rammell, Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive of the University of Hertfordshire, tells young people what they will get out of going to university: better job prospects, higher lifetime earnings, valuable personal connections and a chance to broaden their horizons.​

Conrad Bird, Director of the GREAT Britain campaign, sets out the role of universities as magnets for global talent, investment and influence. Their reputation for excellence attracts international students, boosting the UK economy in the process.

Professor Paul O'Prey, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Roehampton, reflects on the difference going to university made to his life. For him, it was about being the best he could be: to develop his skills, his confidence and the way he thought about the world.

Baroness Valerie Amos, Director of SOAS, University of London, stresses the importance of universities forging links with their local communities. It is vital that they show local people that they are making a positive difference to their area and are inclusive, not elitist.