Higher education in facts and figures 2014

Statistics publication presenting information related to students at UK higher education institutions, and the income and expenditure of these institutions. The booklet gives a snapshot of universities’ research activity, student employability, and provides information on international students and staff.

The majority of information refers to the academic year 2012–13, with trend data included for some areas.

The data shows that:

  • Student satisfaction has continued to rise, reaching a new high of 86% in 2014. 
  • Graduates are less likely to be unemployed even in a recession. 
  • The UK’s public spending on higher education is 0.88% of its GDP, which is less than the OECD average. 
  • Less than two-thirds of R&D performed in UK universities is funded by public sources. 
  • In 2012–13, around 44% of all non-UK students studying in the UK came from Asia.
Higher education in facts and figures 2014 ​

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