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Five Little-known facts about International Student Mobility to the UK Webinar

19 Jul 2018, 13:00 - 14:00
Experienced international edulation professional Janet Ilieva and UUK immigration policy expert Eleanor Jubb joined data from the latest report Five Little-Known facts about International Student Mobility to the UK and discussed what the sector’s response should be. 

They reflected on International student contributions to UK campuses and the UK economy at large, considered the headlines around international recruitment but dug deeper to unearth an interesting picture, and considered how we could make the UK’s offer to international students appealing and competitive and what we need to do to make international students feel welcome despite these uncertain times.

Sanaa Busaidy-Hubert

Sanaa Busaidy-Hubert

Events Producer
Universities UK

Esther Dudley

Head of Events and Engagement
Universities UK


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