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One month to go before postgraduate masters loans go live

Julie Tam

Julie Tam

Deputy Director of Policy
Universities UK
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Government plans for new postgraduate masters loans are now a reality – just before going into purdah, the government published  regulations implementing the changes.  Applications are due to open at the end of June. 

Loans of up to £10,000 will be provided for English-domiciled (and other EU) postgraduate masters students aged students aged  under 60 – these students will be able to study anywhere in the UK, and even through distance learning if they wish.

It will be crucial for prospective students to be aware of how the loans work, and how to apply for them.  For universities themselves, the loans will also be an entirely new experience. There is no doubt that students and universities will have many questions, and communication is critical for loans to reach those who need them. Indeed, this was a key theme that arose in a roundtable hosted by Universities UK earlier this year which discussed how to make the new scheme a success. 

Responding to this challenge, the government has prepared a wide-range of materials to make the introduction of the new scheme as smooth as possible.

There are materials specially tailored for students, parents and universities. For universities to use directly with their students, there are quick guides and films introducing postgraduate loans, how to apply and how to repay. 


For universities themselves, there are fact sheets on when students are eligible, and guidance on explaining details of applying and repaying to students. Practitioners, careers advisers and academics right across universities will find the resources helpful in their day to day interactions with students, to update their websites, and to use on social media.

Universities will be preparing for an increase in the level of interest and number of questions from prospective students as the end of June draws near.  So far, over 120 providers have uploaded nearly 12,000 master’s courses to the Student Loans Company’s database.

It will be a busy time for both prospective students and universities alike. The resources made available  will help universities present a consistent message – that help is available, and here is how you can access it. 

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