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Social mobility must underpin higher education

5 February 2018
Peter Horrocks, Vice-Chancellor of the Open University, argues that the Office for Students now has a golden opportunity to put social mobility at the heart of its mission.

General election 2017: tuition fees under the spotlight

15 May 2017
Juile Tam, Assistant Director of Policy at Universities UK, discusses different policies on tuition fees and the implications for universities, government and students themselves.

How to reverse the decline in part-time study? Learn from our overseas competitors

4 November 2016
As the Department for Education launches a consultation on maintenance loans for part-time students, what can England learn about part-time study from other countries?

Love part time quote

The government needs to support part-time study

9 October 2015
There has been a huge fall in the numbers of part-time students: 143,000 fewer entrants to part-time undergraduate study in 2013–14 compared to 2010–11.

OU head: Are more students from poorer backgrounds going to university?

9 July 2015
The Vice-Chancellor of The Open University looks at the numbers behind claims by the Chancellor in his Budget that more students from poorer backgrounds are going to university.

Part time Arabic and Middle Eastern studies

The case for part-time study

30 June 2015
While the number of students going to university full-time has risen, the part-time sector has experienced a sharp decline.