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Students are choosing social enterprise – business with a heart

26 October 2016
Many students are now saying that making a difference to the world around them, and not just making money, is a key driver in their search for a career. This is where 'social enterprise' comes in.

Showing leadership and empowering students: how universities can change campus culture

21 October 2016
​A clearly stated commitment from the most senior leaders in our universities to confront violence against women, harassment and hate crime is critical if we are to tackle such incidents.

​The Stand Alone Pledge: helping students without a family network

19 October 2016
Professor Geoff Layer, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wolverhampton, blogs on the launch of the Stand Alone Pledge, set up to assist institutions in supporting estranged students.

The law student volunteers making a difference to their local community

18 October 2016
Two students volunteers from the University of Kent's Law Clinic reflect on what helping to provide an important service to their local community means to them.

Feature image credit, Simon Ellis, 2010

Why widening access to the medical profession should matter to us all

13 October 2016
How an extended medical programme at King's College London is helping students from disadvantaged backgrounds overcome barriers to the medical profession.

Why there aren’t 'too many graduates in the jobs market'

12 October 2016
Why the CIPD's latest report is wrong to suggest that there are too many graduates in the jobs market.

An employer perspective on social mobility: why we need to work together to give everyone a chance

11 October 2016
​It is a sad truth that the economic and social position of a student's family has the greatest impact on their access to university and their success while they are there.

Improving social mobility: a challenge for universities, a challenge for everyone

10 October 2016
Today we launched our report on social mobility. After analysing the evidence and extensive consultation, we have come up with recommendations which we think will help universities play an even greater role in helping to improve social mobility in England

We all have mental health

10 October 2016
​Today is World Mental Health Day. This year, the theme is Psychological First Aid: training in basic support for people who are distressed, including knowing what not to say and when to refer to clinical services.

Putting universities at the heart of the government's industrial strategy

6 October 2016
Universities have an important role to play in the government's development of the government's industrial strategy - and the chancellor's announcements at the Conservative Party Conference this week will help.