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University of Wales

Powering the Welsh economy

30 October 2015
As Chair of Universities Wales, I was delighted to launch our new report on the Economic Impact of Higher Education in Wales last week

London financial buildings

Why the Higher Education Innovation Fund is more important than ever before

26 October 2015
Julie Tam discusses one of UUK’s priority areas for the upcoming Comprehensive Spending Review: the importance of protecting funding that helps universities and businesses to collaborate.

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Making the most of a national asset

19 October 2015
As the government carries out its Comprehensive Spending Review, Professor Graeme Reid discusses the research funding policies and structures that underpin the UK’s world-leading science and research base.

Students chatting in corridor

Higher education & further education – it’s not an ‘either-or’

19 October 2015
A report by Policy Exchange suggests making cuts of up to half a billion pounds to higher education and diverting these funds to further education.

Student support service desk

Consumer rights in higher education

15 October 2015
Which? and UUK discussed the relationship between universities and their students and the role that consumer rights can play in shaping this positively.

EU and union flags

Europe, universities and the British people: 5 reasons why EU membership matters

12 October 2015
University leaders are a pro-European voice in the referendum debate. Why? Because the UK’s membership of the EU makes our universities stronger.

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The government needs to support part-time study

9 October 2015
There has been a huge fall in the numbers of part-time students: 143,000 fewer entrants to part-time undergraduate study in 2013–14 compared to 2010–11.

Lecture back of heads

Boosting British business with universities

8 October 2015
As organisations make submissions to the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review 2015, Lord Karan Bilimoria offers his thoughts on UK universities and the funding challenges they face.

Home office

The Home Secretary’s speech – the implications for international students

7 October 2015
From the universities’ perspective, we agree with the Home Secretary that care must be taken to ensure that students are genuine and that there is mechanisms in place to prevent overstaying.