Fiona Waye

Fiona Waye
Universities UK
Policy Manager
Fiona Waye is a Policy Manager at Universities UK and works on a range of projects to support universities to prevent and respond to all forms of harassment so that no student or member of staff is subject to any form of harassment, intimidation or threatening or violent behaviour in universities. Such an abuse of power is categorically at odds with the values and standards of behaviour expected in the sector. 

This year’s programme focuses on the development of strategic frameworks, knowledge exchange and the dissemination of ‘what works’; the impact of which will provide the foundations for a change programme in universities to drive continuous improvement in addressing harassment and hate crime.  

UUK’s programme also includes working with other organisations to develop a positive narrative around the benefits of positive preventative and responsive activities when combatting harassment. This is important in terms of alleviating concerns that these activities may have a negative impact on recruitment and reputation.     

Our programme is a continuation of the work of UUK’s Taskforce which was set up in 2015 to consider the evidence and provide support to the sector to address all forms of harassment, as well as examining what more could be done by universities to ensure an inclusive, safe and tolerant environment for students.  

Fiona also leads on language policy.  The decline in language learning across the education system including universities and the potential consequences of this trend are now well documented. UUK is working with the British Academy, the British Council, the Association of School and College Leaders and the Arts and Humanities Research Council to explore the practical steps needed to address these challenges arising from the UK’s language deficit, including the development of a joined-up national strategy for languages.

Areas of current work include:

  • Promoting inclusion, equality and diversity for both higher education students and staff.
  • The Universities UK taskforce to examine violence against women, harassment and hate crime affecting university students. The taskforce will provide guidance to universities on preventing and responding to incidents of violence and sexual harassment against women, hate crimes and other forms of harassment.


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