Annette Kratz

Universities UK International
Outward Student Mobility Lead

​Annette is Outward Student Mobility Lead at Universities UK International.

Annette took early retirement from the University of Surrey a bit earlier than expected, but even then she knew that she would not be able to give up on mobility – both students and staff. Annette has worked at Aston, Keele and Surrey for over 35 years, always working on mobility in one way or another. At Keele she set up a university-wide exchange programme, so that nearly all undergraduates were able to spend a semester abroad, which in a dual honours environment was a challenge, and went for the gold standard of matched modules and grade transfer. When she moved to Surrey eight years ago, she was faced with different issues. Most Surrey students do a work placement, in the UK or abroad and expanding exchanges was seen as a lesser option, in particular in the Engineering and Physical Sciences. Exchanges were limited to a few subject area and destinations. By the time she left students were able to study at all university-wide partners where their courses matched and although numbers in Engineering, Maths and Physics were still low, a solid process was in place.

Annette spent the last few months working on a staff mobility report for UNICA, looking at the expansion of opportunities for staff training.

Annette shares the Outward Mobility Lead role with Emily Sinclair.