UUKi partners with the Thouron Award to promote US/UK postgraduate exchange

Universities UK International (UUKi) is delighted to partner with the Thouron Award to help promote the Thouron scholarship scheme which aims to further British-American understanding.

Founded in 1960, the Thouron Award offers annual fully funded postgraduate study for up to 10 British graduates of UK universities. The students are eligible to study at any of the 12 graduate schools at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania. At the same time a group of American Scholars from the university are funded to pursue a graduate degree at any university in the UK. The Thouron Award pays full tuition, fees and health insurance for up to two years of post-graduate study as well as an annual stipend to cover living costs, entertainment and travel. For 2019-20, the stipend will be approximately $37,000.

The programme was established by Sir John Thouron and his American wife, Lady Thouron, to promote closer ties between the people of the United Kingdom and the United States. Scholars are chosen for both their academic achievements and their ability to engage with the world and one another.Graduates join an active alumni network of over 700 around the world.

2020 will be the 60th anniversary of the award and this year's scholars will have the opportunity to take part in celebrations in London and New York in June 2020.

The deadline for applications is 1 November 2019, for study starting in the Autumn of 2020.

For more information see www.thouronaward.org or contact info@thouronaward.org.

Applications can be made via: https://www.thouronaward.org/apply-from-u-k/


Vivienne Stern, Director UUKi comments:

"The Thouron Award is such a wonderful opportunity for UK graduates. Studying abroad is truly life-changing, giving students new perspectives and soft skills which can help them flourish in their future careers. The generosity of this scheme removes financial barriers which some potential students face in accessing postgraduate study in the USA. At the same time American students are adding to the internationalisation of UK campuses." 

Rupert Thouron comments:

"As a family it is one of our greatest joys every year to meet so many bright students that give us such hope for the future. We feel honoured to welcome those selected into our family."


About the Thouron Award

The award was established in 1960 by Sir John Thouron and his American wife, Lady Thouron, to promote closer ties between the people of the United Kingdom and the United States. It is among the most prestigious and generous academic scholarships in the world, giving young people of outstanding ability and open minds the means to study, travel and immerse themselves in the life of their host country. Scholars are chosen not only for their academic achievements, but for their ability to engage with one another and take an active part in a changing world. They are expected to act as student-ambassadors, putting their energy and intellect to work strengthening the ties between two great nations.


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