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Why UK higher education is attractive to international students

16 January 2017
As part of the Global Britain week on Education, Vivienne Stern looks at why UK higher education is attractive to international students and reflects on UK TNE around the world.

Peopling TNE delivery

16 January 2017
It's not enough to buy a flight and insurance; Gulshin Ijaz considers some of the responsibilities of universities to staff delivering TNE overseas.

International student recruitment - charting the Brexit effect

15 December 2016
Aaron Porter is the Director of Insights for the Hotcourses Group, discusses the key findings from monitoring trends in searches to the UK and how we are faring against global competition.

What's in a TNE number? Not enough...

15 December 2016
International and partnerships managers at universities, alongside policy makers, are clamouring to know more, in order to make better decisions to enable TNE students' greater success. Dan Cook considers the wide ranging data requests made at an HEGlobal

UK-bound Indian student recruitment figures grow for the first time since 2010

6 December 2016
Recent Home Office figures show a 6% increase in the number of Indian students receiving visas, compared to the same period last year. Is this a significant turning point in Indian student recruitment, after years of declining numbers?

UK and Germany: student exchange and joint research continue

6 December 2016
Last month, UUK President Dame Julia Goodfellow visited Berlin and UUK's partner organisation, the German Rectors' Conference Hochschulrektorenkonferenz (HRK), for the first time since the UK's vote to leave the EU in June 2016.

IBCs defying predictions of decline

6 December 2016
Rachael Merola outlines the OBHE's latest research with C-BERT - which shows branch campuses are far from declining.

For the first time UK becomes host country for Argentinian government scholarship programme

11 November 2016
For the first time UK becomes host country for Argentinian government scholarship programme. Inclusion in BEC.AR programme reflects developing relationship between the two countries.

Vivienne Stern, Director of UUKi, on staying international in a post-Brexit UK

4 November 2016
Vivienne Stern speaks to Student.com about bolstering the reputation of UK universities abroad, the best ways to engage with international students and navigating Brexit in the best way possible for students and universities alike.

Universities UK: We are international

18 October 2016
As thousands of higher education professionals prepare to gather in Liverpool for this year’s EAIE conference, our Director Vivienne Stern discusses the cloud of uncertainty that is Brexit for the higher education sector.