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UK, Germany and France join forces to help UK students Go International

25 June 2019
UUKi is delighted to announce a new partnership with Campus France, and the DAAD, London branch, as part of our Go International: Stand Out campaign.

The Global Citizenship Portfolio - recognising global learning on campus

19 June 2019
Our renewed enthusiasm for mobility is driven by the need for distinctiveness and by the realisation that our graduates are missing out on developing the global skills valued by today's employers

The future quality assurance and regulation of TNE: times are a-changin'

13 June 2019
5 things team OfS should consider as they develop a regulatory approach to TNE

Isn’t going abroad what university is all about?

13 June 2019
UUKi Policy Researcher Katherine Allinson examines the findings of UUKi’s latest outward student mobility cohort study Gone International: rising aspirations.

More UK students head for Japan as part of their studies

7 June 2019
Next week UUKi will be launching its latest OSM publication, Gone International 2019. Here Nick Mithen, Policy Officer (Asia) zooms in on student mobility between the UK and Japan.