Mexico rectors summit

2 June 2015

A summit of Mexican rectors, UK Vice-Chancellors and senior university representatives is being held in London tomorrow as part of the celebrations for the 2015 Dual Year of Mexico and the UK.

The discussions form part of a week-long programme of events involving over 50 UK universities, and 32 visiting Mexican representatives from 27 different higher education institutions,organized by The National Association of Universities and Higher Education Institutions of the Mexican Republic (ANUIES), the UK Higher Education International Unit, and the British Council.

The Summit aims to strengthen the UK and Mexico relationship in international cooperation; develop a closer working relationship and; provide an opportunity for key British and Mexican stakeholders to share their experiences and best practice. Topics for discussion will include: ties between universities and businesses; sharing best practice on Oil and gas, political science, global health, environmental and marine sciences, advanced manufacturing and agribusiness; and new opportunities for collaboration to increase academic mobility between Mexico and UK. The Summit will be attended by Executive Secretary General of ANUIES, Jaime Valls Esponda, the CEO of Universities UK, Nicola Dandridge, Dr. Jo Beall, British Council Director of Education and Society, Vivienne Stern, Director of UK HE International Unit, David Najera, Deputy Head of Mission, Mexican Embassy of Mexico in the United Kingdom, Abril Peña, Director of Academic Cooperation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as representatives of those institutions.

The summit is being held as part of a commitment to coordinate two senior delegations of Rectors and Vice-Chancellors - from Mexico to the UK, and from the UK to Mexico - during the 2015 joint year, which was agreed in an MOU signed by ANUIES and the UK HE International Unit during the state visit of President Enrique Peña Nieto to the United Kingdom in March, A delegation of UK Vice-Chancellors and senior representatives to Mexico is due to take place in November.

The group will visit UK universities on June 4 and 5, including Northumbria University, Durham University, University of Edinburgh, University of Oxford, Cranfield University, University of Birmingham, University of Reading, University of Southampton and the University of Bath. 

Vivienne Stern, Director of the UK HE International Unit commented:  

"The Dual year of the UK and Mexico in 2015, the UK-Mexico Rectors' Summit and the MOU between ANUIES and the International Unit is only the beginning of mutual collaboration and partnerships in higher education and research between our two countries. I am delighted we are able to welcome so many Mexican university representatives to the UK, giving us a really exciting opportunity to strengthen established relationships and create new opportunities to work together - starting with the visits to nine UK universities this week and the UK higher education sector's return visit to Mexico this November - and hopefully a legacy of cooperation stretching many years ahead."  

Dr. Jo Beall, British Council Director of Education and Society remarked:

"2015 is the year to celebrate the friendship between our countries; this is a very important event for us because it reflects the strong tradition of academic collaboration that we share. At the British Council we expect that the year will become a turning point to establish the frameworks that will ease a vibrant, deep and leading edge collaboration that is continually resolving critical priority needs, and driving new opportunities for innovation and development in Mexico and the UK".

Mtro. Jaime Valls, Executive Secretary General of ANUIES declared:

"The participation of ANUIES in the dual year Mexico - United Kingdom, is part of a new strategic approach to further internationalization of higher education, opening high quality opportunities to our students and professors to participate in global contexts with strong cultural exchange programs, science and technology among nations."


For more information, please contact:

Vikki Challen, Head of External Affairs, or Daisy Jones, Communications Manager,, 020 7419 5457

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