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TNE news and blogs

​The latest news and opinion about UK HE transnational education, from higher education professionals and other experts.

If you would like to share your expertise and opinions on current issues in TNE with professionals across the UK and beyond, please do contact us with your ideas at tne@international.ac.uk.

Global trends shaping TNE

29 April 2016
Changes in global demographics, HE needs, access and mobility lead Janet Ilieva to predict TNE growth, but warn that delivery models must evolve.

The future of TNE "with Chinese characteristics"

21 April 2016
Professor Healey considers the implications of the Beijing agreement for adapting TNE to the special circumstances of Chinese society.

A "golden era" for UK-China university collaboration?

17 March 2016
With an agreement endorsing greater joint working between the two nations in quality assurance being announced today, David Copping outlines ten key points that universities should be mindful of when considering UK-China collaboration.

Lessons from Thailand Conceptualising TNE

3 February 2016
TNE based on mobility: a mobility of people rather than programmes; and a mobility that is multidirectional rather than unidirectional

How to use marketing effectively When establishing an international campus

18 December 2015
Vicky Lewis walks us through the four key pre-campus launch stages when marketing expertise is needed.

Making TNE a strategic priority

16 December 2015
Effective TNE delivery requires high quality academic infrastructure and support services. What are the strategic challenges for universities operating offshore?

TNE taxonomies

12 December 2015
How might HESA improve data on one of the most central elements of the UK’s TNE data collection: its categorisation of the ‘type’ of TNE being delivered.

A numbers game

11 December 2015
Peter Dickinson, a leading economic researcher looks at the growth of TNE, and outlines work currently underway to improve our understanding of the current landscape.

Transnational pathways buck the slowdown of international recruitment

10 June 2015
Transnational education seems to support wider access to higher education and clearer routes through to postgraduate study. Is this why it is flourishing against the general expectations for international recruitment?

It’s all strategic

10 April 2015
HEGlobal’s head of programme, Raegan Hiles, considers the publication last week of Australia’s draft international education national strategy. TNE features throughout the draft strategy, with ambitious targets for growth.