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TNE news and blogs

​The latest news and opinion about UK HE transnational education, from higher education professionals and other experts.

If you would like to share your expertise and opinions on current issues in TNE with professionals across the UK and beyond, please do contact us with your ideas at tne@international.ac.uk.

Scaling up via partnerships

17 November 2016
Helen O'Sullivan looks at the opportunities that partnerships offer to grow the capacity, scale and reach of programmes via TNE.

Focus on Asia

14 November 2016
Has UK HE TNE in Asia had its day? Far from it, suggests HEGlobal's Head of Programme Raegan Hiles.

Getting to grips with the Scale and Scope of UK HE TNE data

10 November 2016
Following 'The Scale and Scope of UK HE TNE' report, Professor Healey looks at improving the TNE evidence base.

Can transnational education buffer against political change?

1 September 2016
The British Council's Michael Peak discusses factors to think about for TNE locations in the British Council's Voices magazine.

Making QA collaborative for TNE

5 July 2016
Fabrizio Trifiro takes us through the ways that the QAA is working in partnership to strengthen TNE quality assurance.

The Scale and Scope of UK HE TNE

29 June 2016
Raegan Hiles takes us through five new TNEs from 'The Scale and Scope of UK Higher Education Transnational Education'.

New research finds boom in UK higher education delivered internationally

29 June 2016
New research shows that the UK's delivery of higher education transnational education grows at five times the rate of international student recruitment to the UK.

TNE management needs more than diligence alone

22 June 2016
How can universities effectively implement and maintain due diligence for TNE management

Collaborating for the future of TNE

5 May 2016
As the QACHE project completes its reporting, Fabrizio Trifiro considers the significance of the work to improve collaboration between QA agencies.

International higher education beyond a fine British export

3 May 2016
The UK’s higher education is renowned globally. Its reputation continues to attract international students and scholars, but the ways of engagement are changing.