UK-Romania higher education links

14 September 2017

Mirela Bardi

Associate Professor
Bucharest University of Economic Studies

​7,200 Romanian students were enrolled in programmes at UK universities in 2015-16. Romanian students’ interest in UK higher education has grown in recent years. 

Accession to the European Union ten years ago removed political barriers and once that happened, young people were eager to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Romanian students make valuable contributions to the international communities at UK universities. They have done so through enthusiasm, commitment to their own professional and personal development, risk-taking abilities and interest for experiencing other cultures. Just like many other students around the world, Romanian students tend to be intellectually mobile and linguistically proficient.

There are a further 370 students studying for UK degrees in Romania through transnational education (TNE) provision. Bringing UK degrees closer to Romanian students stands to benefit universities and students alike. Dual or joint degrees are likely to be taken up by a qualified and eager audience while greater TNE provision can build the UK’s reputation in Romania and in the region, complementing strong branding through student recruitment.

Partnership benefits

At their best, partnerships help increase the quality of teaching and research for both partners and, in the longer term, contribute to the competitiveness of national economies. 
Equally, all partnerships need to be mutually-beneficial. While the benefits for the Romanian higher education sector are numerous and relate to integration into the global academic community and professional development of teaching and research staff, the benefits for UK universities of strengthening links with Romanian universities are also considerable and can be summed up as follows:

  • Access to students interested in UK qualifications for whom UK study may become politically or financially out of reach;
  • Making use of Romanian universities reputation to market collaborative degrees;
  • Using the facilities provided by local universities (buildings, equipment) and diminish the costs of delivering new degrees;
  • Building research networks that can ensure access to local research data of potential regional or global relevance.
  • Widening research priorities to include context-specific topics.

November 2017 British Council Transnational Education Partnership events 

In order to capitalise on the interest of students and academics in increasing engagement with UK universities through transnational education, British Council Romania is organising a Transnational Education Partnership events in November 2017. They will be hosted by two research-intensive Romanian universities:

The aim of the events is to build networks between UK and Romanian universities by providing participants with opportunities to explore student exchange, teacher training, research collaboration, curriculum and qualifications development. Guests from UK universities, including deputy or pro vice-chancellors responsible for international strategies and international partnership managers will learn about the Romanian higher education environment, meet decision-makers in Romanian universities and increase the visibility of UK universities in Romania and in the wider region. 

Acknowledging engagement in partnerships as a form of continuous professional development,  the academic community at the Bucharest University of Economic Studies welcomes the British Council’s upcoming TNE events as a chance to explore forms of partnership leading to a widened, more competitive educational offer. Equally, some of the programmes currently offered by the university could be strengthened and included in a regional offer through collaboration with UK partners.  Initiating development of a research agenda to include research topics addressing globally or regionally relevant issues would be a most useful outcome of the meeting.  The partnership-building process itself will be a valuable academic development tool but the ultimate beneficiaries of such encounters will undoubtedly be the students.​

Find more details and the application form on the British Council Romania website. These Transnational Education Partnership Events are part of the British Council’s Study UK Romania Exhibition pack. Study UK Exhibition will open on Saturday, the 4th November, at the Sheraton Hotel in Bucharest. For further clarification/queries on the whole series of events to be run by British Council in Bucharest throughout 3 – 6 November 2017, please get in touch with Gabriel Ivan at British Council in Romania ​. ​