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​Studying abroad can open up a whole range of new experiences and adventures, but many students worry about how they'll pay for it.

But students in England and Wales studying abroad as part of their course can still get full student finance. They just need to be studying abroad for at least the majority of one term to get the study abroad rate of Maintenance Loan. It's usually a higher amount than if they were studying in the UK.

Last year around 6,500 students applied to us for student finance to study abroad - and since February this year we've had more than 2,800 applications. These students have the opportunity to broaden their horizons without having to worry about how they'll pay for it.

There's also a Travel Grant that helps with the cost of travel for students who are either studying abroad as part of their course or on an Erasmus+ study or work placement. Students can claim back travel-related costs such as medical insurance, visas and up to three return journeys to the country they're studying in, but they'll need to pay the first £303 of their travel costs themselves.

Other help

And if they're studying or on a work placement abroad as part of the Erasmus+ scheme, they'll normally get a grant from the European Commission to help with their extra costs. The Erasmus+ scheme means they can study part of their degree in one of 32 countries across Europe.

More information

It's important that universities and colleges keep up to date with the student finance we offer so they can give their students accurate advice. For the latest news and resources on everything from applying to repaying, they should visit:

·         Student Finance England

·         Student Finance Wales

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