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‚ÄčInternational experience has never been more important for graduates and their employers. In a changing UK, it is vital that our graduates have the skills to navigate different international environments, forge new partnerships and be sensitive to other cultures. 

International experience while at university helps students develop the transferable skills that employers are looking for. Our research shows that students who go abroad to work, study or volunteer during their degrees get better degrees and better jobs.

As an employer, state your support for globally skilled graduates via the online employer value statement below.  

Value statement: We value a globally skilled workforce

Students who go abroad while at university develop global skills that are valued by employers. These include confidence, resilience, intercultural awareness and language skills. According to UUKi research these graduates are more likely to get top tier degrees, and after graduation, be working, in 'graduate' jobs, earning higher starting salaries. To succeed in an increasingly globalised world, the UK needs a globally-skilled workforce, with graduates who can negotiate, connect and engage internationally. We support study, work and volunteer abroad opportunities for UK students that enhance 21st century job skills and expand career opportunities.

Employers who have stated their support for globally skilled graduates:

Santander Universities

Institute of Student Employers (ISE)

Confederation of British Industry (CBI)

If you're an employer, you can state your support for globally skilled graduates via our online employer value statement. To join, please get in touch with the team at