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Finding a UK Collaborator

**Please note there are no open calls for which we are currently providing partner matching support - please do not complete a Partner Request Form. Calls are expected to open again in April 2019, please check back then.

When calls open:
If you would like assistance in identifying a potential collaborator for the British Council Newton Fund calls Researcher Links or Institutional Links, please complete the Partner Request Form below and upload the CV of the lead applicant. Based on your research interests and proposed topic for collaboration, we will then contact you to suggest UK researchers or research groups which have similar research interests and expertise in your subject area, and may therefore be interested in collaborating. We can also list your request on our opportunities for collaboration grid.


  • Please note that in order to be considered for Newton funding, the research topic must demonstrate that it aims to contribute to the social welfare or economic development of the Newton Fund partner country.

  • Please complete the partner request form as soon as possible following the launch of the call; applicants should allow at least 4 weeks to secure a partner at a UK institution.​

Please only complete this form if there is an open call for which you meet the eligibility requirements. All open Newton Fund calls are listed here