Current opportunities for collaboration

The grid below highlights some of the projects and topics for which Newton partner country researchers are currently seeking a UK collaborator or a UK host institution for open calls. It is possible to sort entries alphabetically by "Research area"; "Partner country"; "Partner institution" and "Call". 
To request further information about any of the projects and their lead applicants, please contact us at  specifying which project you are interested in, and we will provide you with further details.   


BC IL= British Council Institutional Links
BC RL= British Council Researcher Links (Workshops or Travel Grants)
BC PhD supervision (Full or Placement) = British Council PhD programme
BC REL = British Council Research Environment Links

Proposed project or topic for collaboration

​immunopharmacology, immunopathology, liver fibrosis, Newton Advanced Fellowships

​Chronic liver injury leads to liver fibrosis, which can develop into fatal cirrhosis and liver cancer without pharmacological interventions. Approximately 300,000 to 400,000 patients die from liver diseases each year in China. Thus, it is urgent to develop novel treatments for liver fibrosis. Our study is designed to discover and validate the new target against liver fibrosis, which is based on restore HSC hemostasis. Our aim 1 is to identify pathogenic factors that convert activated HSCs to myofibroblasts. Our aim 2 is to persuade activated HSCs to restore homeostasis by targeting pathogenic factors. The achievements may be helpful to pave a new way to the treatment of liver fibrosis

Medicine, Academy of Medical SciencesChinaNanjing University