Current opportunities for collaboration

The grid below highlights some of the projects and topics for which Newton partner country researchers are currently seeking a UK collaborator or a UK host institution for open calls. It is possible to sort entries alphabetically by "Research area"; "Partner country"; "Partner institution" and "Call". 
To request further information about any of the projects and their lead applicants, please contact us at  specifying which project you are interested in, and we will provide you with further details.   


BC IL= British Council Institutional Links
BC RL= British Council Researcher Links (Workshops or Travel Grants)
BC PhD supervision (Full or Placement) = British Council PhD programme
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Proposed project or topic for collaboration

Governance of common pool resources; Drivers on artisanal fisheries decision-making; human-resource relationship; Traditional ecological knowledge in coastal communities​

To find better governance drivers compatible with cultural and social traits in different societies to develop more efficient strategies and tools to conserve biodiversity and environments. Cross-cultural approaches are essential not just to understand ecosystemic patterns, but mainly to promote conservation among users understanding current shifting baselines caused by climate change, technological tools and socio-political trends.​

Environment conservation; Fisheries governance and managementBrazilFederal University of AlagoasRL (Workshops)

Biodiesel; Microalgae-microbial fuel cell; Bioelectricity; Biogas​

The use of waste and microalgae together in generation of electricity for rural area in Indonesia. 

Bioenergy and BiomassIndonesiaDiponegoro UniversityIL

​Marine bioactive compound, Marine biomaterial, sharks, batoids, jellyfish

​The objectives of project within the framework of interdisciplinary cooperation, the acquirement of collagen differing from the fish species acquired in an out-of-target situation from Turkish seas, the actualization of the characterization of the marine bioactive compound such as collagen and the advancement of new optimization techniques for determined fish species

Marine biotechnologyTurkey (Research Environment Links)Istanbul UniversityIL

​Aviation fuel, bio jet fuel, catalysis, Hydrocracking reaction, Air pollution Abatement, Techno-Economic Evaluation

​Develop a process for converting non edible vegetable oil to a bio-jet fuel. Camelina oil could be also a viable option for producing a bio-jet fuel, since it is available at prices around $ 600/ton. But preferably oils extracted from locally cultivated Jatropha, Jojoba or caster trees or from microalgae rich in fatty oils can be a lower source of raw material for biojet production.

Renewable EnergyEgyptNational Research CentreIL

​Desalination, membrane, membrane distillation, membrane catalysis, pervaporation

​Development of an integrated system of multi effect vacuum membrane distillation for water desalination using a new membrane of novel configuration (multi bores fibers), which was developed and prepared in National research centre, each effect consists of a bundle of developed membrane.

Water managementEgyptNational Research CentreIL

​Graphene, Fuel Cells, Battery

​We would like to develop large scale graphene nano sheets (GNS), N-GNS and electrode catalysts non-Pt productions and evaluation properties of GNS and N-GNS as well as electrode catalyst for hydrogen fuel cells and battery. 

Fuel substitution technologyIndonesiaUniversitas Sumatera UtaraIL

​Educational effectiveness, value-added, multilevel modeling

​The value-added measures of school effectiveness has not been applied in Indonesia. This proposed study consists of two phases. Firstly, start to initiate the value-added measures by indentifying the relevant indicators for baseline. Secondly, apply gradual dissemination from small scale to the whole country for better education in the future.

EducationIndonesiaUniversitas Kanjuruhan MalangIL

​GIS, Precision Farming, Remote Sensing, Drone

​The proposed project of "Use of Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System for Precision Farming" is a new technology that never been tested in Jordan. Precision Farming, is a strategy in managing agriculture due to the potential of the widespread application of innovative solutions.

Agri-techJordanAl-Balqa` Applied UniversityRL (Workshops)

​Raman Spetroscopy, Photoluminescence, Time Resolved Spectroscopy, Transition Metal Dichalgonide

​Valleytronics in transition metal dichalgonide has been widely investigated due to its potential application as well as its intriguing fundamental properties. The coherence of valley signal and its life time is still open for investigation. In this project I propose to study the coherence of valleytronics and its implication on the charge transport in the transition metal dichalgonide compoun

Advanced material, energyIndonesiaTelkom UniversityIL

​Urban heritage, architectural heritage, community-based governance, integrated heritage manaement

​Advancing decentralized heritage management in heritage cities in Jordan through involving local communities, NGOs and representative agencies from the governmental sector. Allowing local inhabitants to effectively participate in heritage management through building their capacity and giving them the opportunity to participate s active decision makers.

Urban and Heritage Governance and managementJordanAl- Ahliyyah Amman UnverityRL (Workshops)

Production, characterization and development of bioplastics from agroindustrial biomolecules

​This research group intends to diminish the progressive deterioration of the environment, caused by the accumulation of plastic bags from oil in coffee-growing environments. The group has developed a biodegradable packaging for coffee seedlings (Bioalmácigos) using cassava starch. Today we visualize a new opportunity to make this development accessible for coffee farmers, completing the process of appropriation and transfer of biodegradable packaging.

Innovation management, technology transfer, social appropriation of knowledge and strengthening research groupsColombiaUniversidad del CaucaIL

Nanotoxicity, Metagenomics, Molecular Biodiversity, Gene Isolation and Characterization, Gene expression

This is the first study in Jordan to use zooxanthellae specific primers to clarify the diversity of Symbiodinium in each coral species of the Gulf of Aqaba. For this purpose, coral species will be collected at different locations in the Gulf of Aqaba. DNA extraction and PCR amplification will performed using zooxanthellae specific primers, and analyzed it with DNA sequence.

Molecular Biology, BiotechnologyJordanThe University of JordanRL (Workshops)

​Structure, Vibration, Control, Damper, Dynamic, Earthquake

​The proposed project is about the development of the passive vibration control technique using a dynamic vibration absorber for the structural application such as in buildings and bridges. The dynamic vibration absorber can be used to reduce the structural vibration under the earthquake load.

Disaster, Control of Vibration IndonesiaAndalas UniversityIL

​crop protection, plant clinic, plantwise, plant pathogen, biocontrol agents

​Pesticide residue exceeding the maximum residue limits can hamper trade and economy between countries. Our project proposal is focused on helping the farmers of Indonesia solve the plant disease problem and promote food safety.

Microbial control of plant pathogensIndonesiaIndonesian Institute of SciencesIL

​Nanoliposomes, Interaction with Blood cells, Incorporation of different active compounds into Nanoliposomes

​Incorporation of different active compounds isolated from different medicinal plants into Nanoliposomes. Compounds such as Polyphenols, Favonoids, antioxidant substances will be extracted from some medicinal Jordanian plants by different methods and incorporated into different types of liposomes to determine the stabiity of liposomes model delivery systems to interacted of different types of isolated human blood cells or tissues in normal and disease.

NanotechnologyJordanMutah UniversityRL (Workshops)

​Enhanced Oil Recovery, Oil field produced water

​One of the biggest challenges is how to meet the present energy crisis. This project/workshop aims at improving the oil recovery by microbes. MEOR uses significantly less energy and chemicals than other EOR technologies. MEOR is expected to have lower CO2 emissions, total life cycle energy consumption, and waste/pollution generation than other methods.

Petroleum (Enhanced Oil Recovery); Water TreatmentIndiaDibrugarh UniversityRL (Workshops)

​Medical Device Technology and Diagnostics

​Tuberculosis (TB) among children has been a serious threat in Indonesia, primarily due to a lack of accurate methods to diagnose the disease. In consequence, a rapid, simple, and reliable point of care (POC) method to confirm Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection is required to control of the disease. One such promising method, Immuno-PCR namely rapid diagnostic kit based on combination between detection antibodies with the reporter DNA will be employed in this project.

HealthIndonesiaFaculty of Medicine, Brawijaya UniversityIL

​Non alcoholic steatohepatitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

​I am looking forward to introduce the recent advances in diagnosis of steatosis, fibrosis and steatohepatitis using noninvasive methods to my home institution in Port Said University, as we are deficient in these techniques. I am looking forward to learn and practice how to evaluate the relationship between various types of liver damage and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease severity and help in initiating bilateral cooperation between my home institution and the UK universities.

Affordable and inclusive healthcareEgyptPort Said UniversityPhD placement

​Tuberculosis, molecular biology, bioinformatics, drug design, proteomics, peptidomimetics

​This research is expected to design a novel peptidomimetic drug lead against MDR-TB through the inhibition of InhA, which reinforces the worldwide effort in treating TB.

Health - DrugIndonesiaUniversitas IndonesiaIL

​Kidney disease, stem cells, AD-MSCs

​My research proposal is to assess the role of stem cells in treatment of chronic kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease is considered a priority health problem affecting 14% of the world population and 36 % of Egyptians. Adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells (AD-MSCs) have multi-differentiation capacity and ability to restore damaged renal cells. Adipose tissue is easy to be collected. 

Affordable and inclusive healthcareEgyptFull PhD

​Pediatric Cardiac surgery

​This research will help to decrease the rates of morbidity and mortality among neonates suffering from congenital heart defects and reduce their burden on health system in Egypt by lowering the rates of hospital admission and so,hospital resources.This can be achieved by studying the feasibility of surgical correction of their complex heart defects as early as possible.

Affordable and inclusive healthcareEgyptPhD placement

​aero-hydro-elastic modelling, offshore wind turbines, CFD, FEA

Coupling CFD capabilities and robust FEA will be a worthwhile contribution to the design of wind turbine components. My aim is to ensure the turbine suits the conditions of the selected site of installation, thereby reducing costs and providing a higher power output.

Renewable EnergyEgyptAin Shams UniversityFull PhD

​Suspicious thyroid nodules /serum IgG4/undetermined FNAC/prediction of thyroid cancer

I aim to study the relation between serum IgG4 with patients with thyroid nodules of indeterminate FNAC results, and to detect the predictive value of IgG4 for the preoperative diagnosis of malignant thyroid nodules.

Affordable and inclusive healthcareEgyptFull PhD

​University - Industry Cooperation, Technology Transfer, Education

Our project aims to improve the research and academic environment by international collaboration; training programmes; the exchange of knowledge and best practice and the development and implementation of pilot activities to promote capacity building collaboration shaped by the demands and priorities of the Turkey and the UK.

Technology TransferTurkeyAbdullah Gül UniversityRL (Workshops)

​Smart Materials, Rheology, Magnetorheological materials 

​Magnetorheological (MR) materials are promising new, smart materials, which can be used, for instance, in trans-femoral prosthesis for people who lost their leg, above the knees. Other new research ideas is to use MR materials to treat retinal detachment. MR materials can be used as fluids, gel or elastomer forms. These materials are able to change its fluidity or rigidity, when an external magnetic field is applied, reversibly and with response times of few miliseconds.

Materials ScienceBrazilUniversidade Federal de Itajubá - UNIFEIIL

​necrostatin/ reperfusion/ ischemia/ molecular physiology

​Our study aims to investigate the molecular basics of ischemia reperfusion injury and examine the possible effect of necrostatin as a necroptosis inhibitor on limitation of the injury. Discovery of the true molecular pathology involved in (IRI) will provid a therapeutic engine for researchers helping to develop a specific treatment that eliminate or even stop this injury.

Affordable and inclusive healthcareEgyptFull PhD

​Antimalaria, Organic Synthesis

​Treatment of malaria, parasitic infectious disease is in a global alarming issue due to the find and the spread of current arthemisinin resistant Plasmodium parasite. This research proposes a synthesis of new antimalaria compounds based on Indonesian excessive and cheap essential oils; eugenol, isoeugenol, myristicin, anethole, estragole, and asaron.

MedicineIndonesiaUniversitas Nusa CendanaIL

​Biomaterials, byproducts, natural fiber composites, circular economy, organic waste

Our research group is developing new biomaterials and bio-based products that utilize waste from corn crops and which can substitute the use of certain plastics such as styrofoam and polyurethane. Our goal with the next phase of the project is to develop natural fibre composites that use corn waste for specific applications that are required by industries such as packaging, automotive, and construction, where we have seen more market potential for this kind of materials. Ultimately, we are interested in starting a technology transfer process that could benefit corn producers in emerging economies, the environment, the industry, our research institutions, and society at large.

Materials ScienceColombiaUniversidad Jorge Tadeo LozanoIL

​Stem cells

Stem cell is a treatment technology that can improve the quality of health in Indonesia. Induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) is the latest rapidly developing stem cell technology in the world. The combination of poly-arginine and the medium culture modification is expected to improve the efficiency of protein transduction in induced pluripotent stem cell which is more safer for clinical therapy.

Molecular ScienceIndonesiaUniversitas Pembangunan Nasional Veteran JakartaIL