Current opportunities for collaboration

The grid below highlights some of the projects and topics for which Newton partner country researchers are currently seeking a UK collaborator or UK host institution. It is possible to sort entries alphabetically by "Research area", "Partner country", "Partner institution", and "Call". 
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Proposed project or topic for collaboration

​Selective Laser Melting, Finite Element Simulation, Damage Mechanics, ICME

​Additive manufacturing, especially the laser powder bed fusion process, has gained rapid interest over the last decade thanks to its ability to manufacture complex components which are not possible or difficult to produce with convectional manufacturing methods. This technology has provided the opportunity for engineers and researchers to design and develop high-value components for many industries such as automotive, medical, and aviation. However, there are still many fundamental problems which hinder the wider adoption of this technology. For example, the relationship between process parameters, microstructure, and mechanical properties are not fully understood.

Even though performing experiments can improve our understanding, they are mostly resource consuming and slow. Therefore, computational modeling has become a vital tool in revealing the influence of process parameters on a part’s quality. Currently, many institutions have developed a physics based computational platform for the AM process. Due to the difficulty and multiscaling nature of the problem, there are still opportunities for further improvement. Thus, the primary interest of this project is to develop a multiscale computational platform which can examine the effect of process parameters and accurately predict as-built part’s quality by considering thermal histories, defects, microstructures, and geometrical features at part’s level. The ultimate goal of this project is to have the numerical platform which can perform the virtual manufacturing that can improve our understanding of this technology and accelerate the adoption of this technology among industries. 

Bio-Circular-Green (BCG) economy ThailandKing Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi
Royal Academy of Engineering, Transforming Systems through Partnership
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